Our care home will change your views of residential care for good.

Fun, friends, lots to do and expert care day and night. Moving to a care home can transform quality of life for many older people who find that living in their own home is no longer the best and safest option for them

We appreciate that moving into residential care is a major life change and one that takes some getting used to. Our team works hard to help our residents feel at home and to give their family support at this stressful time.

We are committed to activity based care, giving residents the freedom to continue doing the hobbies and activities they have always loved. We support them to spend quality time with family and friends and to play an active part in our care home.

Our care home is bright, warm and clean where carers nurses and residents develop strong lasting bonds and enjoy spending time together. Our care home has a beautiful garden, TV room and a variety of services so residents can continue the lifestyle that they are used to. Our catering team serves up tasty and nutritious food while making mealtimes enjoyable and fun helping residents to explore new tastes from around the world or their childhood favourites.

If a resident wants to have a cup of tea and a one to one chat that is fine by us too. We recruit our staff as much for their big heart as for their impressive skills. Ask any of them and they are likely to tell you that it’s those little jokes, shared stories and quiet moments with residents that make their work so rewarding.